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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22 Sketch

April 22 Entry

A Bernese Mountain Dog, or in German, a Berner Sennenhund. 

No more chills, slept yesterday with 3 blankets. My nose feels filled in with concrete haha!

Reading "House of Leaves", which was recommended by Amazon since I ordered "S" a while ago. Unfortunately not so impressed. I understand it's a form of art and symbolism to stylize type and page layout but cramming a million words in size 4 font on some pages or 5 words per page for 20 pages and random (oh excuse me, carefully selected) intervals and making whirly text or text reflected backwards or random philosophical footnotes (or footnotes of footnotes of footnotes) in Latin, Spanish, German, etc. does NOT automatically make a GOOD STORY.  Good thing I ordered the Foundation Series by Asimov as well.